Beware of Frugality Which Can Cost You Extra

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Sep 11th, 2015

Despite saving money is a good and necessary process, your frugal lifestyle can turn to complete disaster and more money expenses. Learn the next circumstances, when saving ambitions can cost you more money and it’s better to access easy loan site to get necessary financial assistance.

Skimming on Babies Expenses

When we talk about your small children, it’s recommended not to buy the cheapest items you find. There is some necessary furniture, like high chair, car seat and even crib that must be bought new due to safety characteristics. That is why you should not buy these things at a garage sale and endanger your children. Make sure you have all things new and this will save you from future possible replacement as well.


Buying Cheap Footwear

While you want to save money and buy not brand and pricy shoes, you can simply cause blisters and calluses appear on your feet, and other problems to the whole body. Besides such shoes are also very uncomfortable that will cause your stress and difficulties with walking. They will also fall apart more quickly. Instead you should better spend more money and buy yourself a good pair of shoes that will serve much longer bringing comfort and happiness.

Having no Will

Such attitude to your property and family is inappropriate, as they can simply lose everything due to court issues just because you don’t want to make a will. Instead you can take care of your relatives and make all necessary preparations and documents. This will save time and nerves of your family members.

Canceling Delivery

If the store doesn’t offer you delivery, you may always ask a friend to help you. Being a good idea from the first sight, you don’t take into consideration any possible damages you can make to the item. As the company is responsible for the appliance until it’s installed, it’s better to choose a delivery even if it’s not free. In such way you will make sure that the item you buy is transported safe and you will not have to pay for repair.

Choosing Interest-Free Options

A lot of items are sold with a zero-interest window attracting clients by the opportunity to buy a product in credit with no extra fees. But the experience shows that most people don’t cover the full price until the due date of this window, and eventually they have to pay more interests accumulated during this period. This is a good strategy to attract people. But you should not rely on such offers and save money for the purchase to make it at once.

Buying the Cheapest Insurance

If you are choosing a type of health insurance to have, you should not automatically get the cheapest one. Despite paying less money each month, you can face more problems having these minimal payments. Most of all treatments will not be included in your insurance, and it can happen that you will just avoid doctors or have to pay more for private ones.

Having no Treatment when it’s Necessary

It’s a common money and health mistake that people always make. While you have some simple cough, you should better go to a doctor and take necessary pills. But if you miss or delay such visit, your disease can turn into something more important and not so treatable. And eventually you will spend much more money.

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