How Not to Be Ripped off by Home Loan Representatives

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Oct 18th, 2014

One of the things that pesters me about the home loan industry is the quantity of deceitful handles that work in this business.

Discuss giving the business an awful name!

I worked for a home loan bank until as of late and I used to be stunned at the expenses that merchants charged their customers.

I mean lets put this entire “home loan orchestrating” thing into point of view.

Accept I am gathering a customer today. The fellow strolls into my office and takes a seat and stops for a moment to talk with me about getting a home loan.


It creates the impression that he is not a “clean” customer as he is experiencing a couple of credit issues. Actually, I stroke my button and let out several size yet hold up, I CAN HELP HIM.

I tell the customer that it is going to be troublesome yet I think I can help him. There may be a couple of “charges” however hey, in any event he is going to get a home loan and that is all he thinks about isn’t it?

In this way, he needs to get 150k. As a result of ALL the work I am going to have do I am going to charge him a focusedprice of 3% of the credit sum. Truth is 4,500!.

Anyhow, he has credit issues and he is going to get a home loan and that is all he thinks about right?

Goodness, and the 4,500 doesn’t need to be paid forthright on the grounds that all we will do is include it on to the advance sum. So that is ok,right?


Alright I am discussing a speculative circumstance yet this is one that is rehash commonplace all through the UK. As I would like to think it is just burglary and shows sparse respect for the customers wellbeing.

In what capacity can anybody legitimize charging that to a customer that will now need to pay a higher investment rate than a clean customer would.

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