What is a Stock Screener and Why Utilize It

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Mar 17th, 2017

When you are into stock trading, you can be rich in a breeze but the bad news is, you can also become a beggar in the same span of time. Every stock trader, even the newbies are well aware about this and this is why they don’t just blindly invest their money on any stocks they come across.

This is where stock screener software can help. This is a tool they can use in zeroing in on a good stock and disregard the bad stocks.

Stock Screener

A stock screener is usually equipped with three components:

  • A data base of companies
  • A set of variables
  • A screening agent that looks for those agencies that generate satisfaction to those variables

Why use a stock screener?

  • The answer is simple actually, it will give you a better chance of finding a more stable stock so that ROIs will be more assured. Looking for the right stock to invest your hard earned money on is one of those easier said than done things. Unless you will spend a lot of your time reading from A to Z, it is highly recommended to make use of a stock screener from time to time.
  • With the use of a reliable and commendable stock screener, you can easily make a search among many options. In short, a stock screener can save you a lot of time. These days, time is considered as money because time lost means the chance to earn is lost as well.
  • This will give you the chance to access the best options. You will get your hands on more affordable and appropriate stock options.
  • This tool will help you not to miss those opportunities. You can create a list of the promising stocks you can invest your money on.
  • This tool will warn you if that particular stock option is too risky for your money. In short, this will make you think real hard before making the leap.
  • A stock screener can be your ally in your trading investment. This can be your secret tool in generating more wins than losses.

Yes, stock trading might be comparable to actually gambling but with the stock screener availability, this becomes less of a gamble anymore. You have the chance to foresee rough outcome at least and you will be warned when the path is to narrow.

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